About Kit

My Goal

As a writer and speaker now, my goal is to work with as many people as possible to learn and share what I learn about creating a life that one can call successful. By doing speaking events around the world, not only do I share what I know about creating transformation in our personal relationships, professional career and social life but also I learn and undeniably will continue to learn the keys to transformation from those that I speak to. Learn more about IE Sigma® and iExcel Events 

Kit Gupta Writer and Speaker

My Path

Through writing and speaking events around the world to individuals from all walks of life, I've transformed what the word success means in my dictionary. No matter where I speak and to what audience I speak to, I know that deep within we're all looking for one thing that we may label differently. The seemingly distinct path ultimately lead everyone of us to get to that one state. So I chose writing and speaking as my path to get there. You can learn more about IE Sigma® and iExcel Events.  

Kit Gupta  at Fort Worth Arts Center

My Inspiration

 The uniqueness in every individuals life is what I'm inspired with and amused by how our environment plays as much role in shaping us as much as we do to ourselves. It intrigues me to learn and innovate new paths to create a life of successful relationships, career and a society. All learning begins at individual level and I live it to share my experience with the world through my writing and teaching. That's my inspiration. You can learn more about IE Sigma® and iExcel Events.  

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