University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Author Speaker Kit Gupta speaks at a event at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and shares few experiences listed in his latest book, Empower The Observer. 

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Trinity University Dublin, Ireland

Kit Gupta author of Break the Ordinary, a millennial speaker talks to audience at Trinity University sharing how many of us are conditioned to think that money is the sole representation of our success. Kit elaborates by giving real life experience in this talk.  

St. Peter's, Cork, Ireland

Millennial author & speaker, Kit Gupta speaks at an event to the audience in Ireland about what the first step toward solving any challenge is.   

National Center of Performing Art, Mumbai, India

Rewire The Brain: Making changes to the old habits that you have been living with will not change with time. You need a strategy, a process that is unique to your life. Author Speaker Kit Gupta shares steps he has implemented to make changes in his life with audience at iExcel Mumbai at the NCPA Theater 

Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA

Author of Break The Ordinary, Kit Gupta speaks to audience in Los Angeles, CA and shares the personal experience of how what we become is a product of our environment. Learn more about the events at Learn more about Author Kit Gupta and his speaking events at Blog  

Bank of America Theater, Dallas, Texas

Build your own unique strategy by using a universal principle implemented in corporations around the world to improve their metrics. You can use the same strategy in your personal relationships, or professional career to create change and accomplish whatever you desire.  Learn more iExcel Events  

Fort Worth Performing Arts Center, Fort Worth, Texas

Take a look at three habits you could change and experience how it changes the way you look at success. IE SIGMA Life Coaching & Motivational Training for Transformation Kit Gupta. IE SIGMA®  

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